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Sliding down the ways  Sliding down the ways in Camden, NJ

Bow view                    View from on board bow

1945 San Pedro          Aeril view port side May 15, 1945 San Pedro, CA

Picture 75283              Columbia in camo

Arriving US Jan 1945   Arriving in US for battle damage repairs

Docked in ABSD1        Docked in ABSD-1 January 20, 1944

Entering ABSD6           Entering ABSD-6 port side view  Oct. 11,1945 Guam

Entering ABSD6 stbd   Entering ABSD-6 starboard side view Oct. 11, 1945 Guam

Loading supplies 1945  Loading supplies off San Pedro, CA May 15, 1945

Justed launched            Newly launched Columbia being assisted by tugs

Underway April 22 1944  Underway April 22, 1944

M2436D                       Entering ABSD-1 January 20, 1944

N2442B                       Columbia in Suriago Strait 1945 with unknown carrier

N2443                         Underway at high speed aerial view

N2443A                       Columbia in South Pacific with a scout plane

N2444A                       black & white

Navy yard                     In the Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA  August 30, 1932

NH45500                      Columbia in "camo" 

Bow view                     View from on the bow

Port side view                Port side view

Port side with                 Port side with a Carrier in background

Portsmouth                     Portsmouth November 1, 1942

D67B                             San Pedro1945

San Pedro                      San Pedro, CA May 15, 1945 port beam view

N2444                           San Pedro, CA taking on supplies