About  us

    THE USS COLUMBIA CL – 56 ASSOCIATION, is a non-profit organization whose fiscal year begins on Jan. 1st of each year and ends on Dec. 31.

    Dues are $15. per year for men who served on the “GEM” and $10. per year for Widows, Sons, Daughters and anyone else who may want to join.                                                                      
    for submissions to GEM:  March 1,  July 1,  November1.

    After you receive your newsletter (mailed 3 times per year) please check the label carefully to see when your membership expires.
    The year shown on the right side of your name should be 
    JOHN DOE  18.  If this is not correct, phone or write Leona Thompson

    our Treasurer. A dues form is included in each newsletter. Renew for more than one year and help Leona reduce her bookkeeping.

    PAST PRESIDENTS:   John Thoresz,  Lindsey Clements,  George Moore,  James Gosnell,  E. J. Chromcak,  Tony Cerrone, 

    George Krause,  J. D. Simmons,  Ted Cole,  Jim Deyo,  Richard Gary,  Marvin Cockrell,  Raymond F. Card Sr,  John E. Smith,

    Glenn Sawyer,  John F. Stein,  George Krause, Paul Kepler, Phillip Davidson, Anthony Cerrone, John E. Smith, James Walzer (Son),

    Greg Shooner (Son), Jane Heller (Daugher), Ed Jenkins, Mary Gray (Daughter